Worawudh Phakdiburut
5 September 1973
Bangkok, Thailand
3706 Moo 6, Sukhumvit Rd 107, Munang District Sumut Prakan, 10270
B. Ed (Thai), Srinakharinwirot University in 1995
M.A. (Development Communication),
Chulalongkorn University in 1999
Lecurer in Communication Arts Programme, Faculty of Management Science, Rajabhat Institute Chandrakasem

The Song of Victory

The long dark night comes to an end
When the world is lit by sunlight,
The gloomy sky turns a magic blend
Of golden, red and pink so light.

Open your weary and agitated heart
And let daylight shine in.
Sad nights and days, let them depart.
Let bright hope strengthen you to win.

Forget the life of anxiety and sorrow,
Listen to the loud and glorious song,
Verses rendered from the soul will flow,
Raising hope that makes you strong.

Let it be the song of victory,
Freeing you form bonds to face new life.
Now the sun will shine its full glory
Into you heart once filled with strife.

Lift your heart towards the skylight
Above all confining frames,
Shake off the chains that bind you tight
So that you' re among the victors' names.

May the song of truth everlasting
Ring sweet in your open heart
Cleanse defilements that lead to suffering
And guide you to victory at last.

Translated by The
Prof. Srisurang Poolthupya


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