Mr Viseth Svengsuksa was born 1953. He was educated at the Teacher Training School in Vientiane, before completing a six year course at the Voronezh State University, USSR, with an MA in journalism. He began his career on the Editorial Board of the Lao Central Youth paper "Noum Lao" as editor for Foreign news in 1981 before becoming Director General of the International Relations Department, a member of the Supreme People's Assembly in 1986. He was then appointed Deputy Chairman of the committee on Foreign Affairs in 2002 and Secretary-General of the Inter-Parliamentary Union National group for four consecutive terms.

He became a founding member of the first ever Young Writers Club in 1981 and became Vice-President of the Lao Writers Association in 1996 and then was re-elected in 2002.

Mr Viseth was judged on one of his works "The Buffalo Myna", published by the Lao Writers Association in 2000. He writes of his work "I am both honored and gratified that my small bird The Buffalo Myna" has been into the past horizon of creative literature tempered by age-long ASEAN Writers. The very essense of the S.E.A. WRITE AWARD constitutes for me a new wave of hope channeled to give better Service, Education and Advice to individuals and the overall society in their common efforts for a better future."