Somsy Dexakhamphou was born in 1927 and throughout his outstanding career has created literary works which have been highly acclaimed and recognized for their rich, cultural history and background. During the years in the government delegation, he wrote poems such as "Expel the giant enemy forces from Muangkhao" and "A joint Fighting for Dien-Phien-Phou". Later on, in 1955 while in Houphane, he wrote a poem entitled "12 monts of production" to honour Laos' natural resources and beautiful, natural scenery.

As deputy chief of Central Education Committee in 1962, he wrote text books for primary schools across the country and also organised a new curriculum development workshop before being appointed deputy chief of radio broadcasting station and head of the central artist group for countries within the region in 1964. In this capacity, he wrote many pieces of works that symbolised the unity and friendship between countries in Southeast Asia.

His literary works ranged from themes of patriotism, amity, solidarity and cooperation between nations. He was judged for the S.E.A. Write Awards 2001 on one of his numerous works "Look everywhere, look back at the past to predict the future".