Saini K.M. was born 1938 in Indonesia and has spent much of his life teaching literature and poetry in his homeland. He has written a huge number of prize-winning plays including Pangeran Sunten Jaya, Sang Prabu, and Ken Arok. He is also the author of many other plays and poetry, and numerous collections of essays.

He was selected as the winner of this year's S.E.A. Write Award based on a collection of his plays entitled Lima Orang Saksi, which is a collection of five plays used as repertoires for many theatre workshops and performances for two decades.

He has also contributed much of his time to nurturing budding play-wrights and actors through his workshop. His young poet's corner in Pikiran Rakyat, where he collected and discussed works of talented newcomers for several decades, was the nursery of many of today's established poets.