Rosli Abidin Yahya was born in 1958 and from an early age, began showing an interest in writing when his grandfather started to buy him newspapers to read everyday. By the time he was ten, he used to read Malay novels aloud to his relatives and family, and when he was 15, he entered his first piece of work to a short story competition. That began his lifelong career of writing.

Rosli worked as a reporter, an assistant editor of a monthly newspaper, and also wrote numerous drama radio scripts and later on in his career, television drama scripts. After having established himself as a renowned television drama scripwriter, he began to write for Bahana, an acclaimed publication of Brunei language and Literature Bureau, from which he won numerous prizes for his works. He is a prolific writer with a long list of works, from anthologies, literature text books, short stories, to poems and novels, and is now a full time journalist with the Borneo Bulletin. To him "writing including literature and journalism is a natural process".

Rosli was judged on one piece of work "Pulau Gerimis (Drizzle Island)".