Duanwas Pimwana is the pen-name of Pimchai Juglin Shewas born in 1969 in Chonburi in a farmer's family. She finished her education from Chonburi Vocational College and became a journalist for a local newspaper for a while before quitting her job to become a full-time writer.

Her first short story "Sailom Ti Phat Suan Rang" (The Wind passing through a Deserted Garden) was published in 1989. Another short "Roi Phap" (Trace of a Picture) from her collection of short stories "Nakhon Nam Na" (City of Polluted Water) won the Cho Karaket prize in 1992. Then in 1993 "Phu Banlu" (The Achiever) won Cho Karakret prize again and it was also voted the best short story of the year by Cho Kakakret Club's members. In 1994 her short story "Kala Haeng Kangnan" (Time of work) from ber collection of short stories "Krotanuwat" also won Cho Karakret prize. Her collection of short stories "Nangsue Lem Song" (The Second Book) was one of the 7 finalists for S.E.A. Write Awards 1996.

"Chang Samran" (Quite Happy), her fine and simple novel, wins her the S.E.A. Write Awards 2003.


The ferris wheel stops turning. Maybe it is stuck and won't ever move again. I am all alone, so high up, trying to still but the wind keeps blowing the seat making it swaying faster and faster back and forth. Sure to die, yes, I am...sure not to survive. The wheel is not turning. I can't get off. Dad is not at the target-throw booth, and Mum isn't at the shooting booth. My eyes search for them but can only see the black heads of all the people moving down below. The wind is blowing harder and harder, wheezing pass my ears. The wheel is really shaking hard. The shooting sensations in my stomach makes my body bend like a hook. I begin to cry. I can't hold back any longer. Cold, I am cold and my head aches.

I heard sound of water-noise of giant throwing waves. There is real water. Sea water is rushing into the temple. People scream. The screams change into laughter. People are playing in the water which is getting higher and higher. I am trembling all over. Hia Chong disappears before my eyes as he calmly eats his rice soup. The sounds of people laughing is fading away, only the water is left and it is rising so fast, higher and higher until can hear it gurgling right under the wheel. I shut my eyes and wait to be drowned.