Nguyen Duc Mau, born in 1948, is a graduate of Nguyen Du Writers Training College's first class. He is the author of a diverse array of novels, short stories and poems including Poems of Those Going to the Front (1971), Green Trees and Burning Soil (1973), Fatigues (1976), and Red flower in the River (1987).

His literary awards include first prize in poetry from Van Nghe (1972-1973), the award for the short story from Van Nghe (1981) and for the selection of poems "The Forest having Many Flying Moths" from the Vietnam Writers' Association in 1997, for which he was also judged for the S.E.A Write Award 2001.

Nguyen Duc Mau writes "I believe each country has its own unique, highly respected, saint poetry. I am eager to read, find out poems by great poets and contemporary poets in ASEAN countries. Poetry is a brilliant charm of spirit. I hope that besides the mother tongue poetry will serve as bridge linking our hearts with yours".

I had a beloved girl in the time gone
Her secret still shadows me
Now I wish to hear her voice again
Through my empty days and lonely nights.

My Darling has left me passing away
Your soul in paradise so far away
If only my words could fly to the tomb
Tearful lisses silence shadowed grassed.