Mohamed Latiff bin Mohamed was born in Singapore in 1950 and since his early teens has begun a long and lucrative career in writing and teaching. His profile includes numrous poems such as Segumpal Api Selingkar Pelangi (1978), Pralina (1983), Danau Sukma (1988) and also a number of novels and short stories such as Kota Air Mata (1977), Sandyyajaka (1989) and Kaimanan (1982).

He was awarded The Literary Award in 1975, 1979, 1980 and 2001 and was also awarded the Montblanc-Nus Literary Award in 1998. He collaborated with other writers in Singapore and Southeast Asia to create Poetry of Singapore, Singapore Writing, Asean Literature, The Fiction of Singapore and Rhythms.

Mohamed Latiff bin Mohamed attended the World Congress of Poets in Seoul, Korea in 1979, Literary Week in London in 1983, Commonwealth Writers Festival in Kuala Lumpur in 1998 and many other Literary and Language Conferences abroad. He is currently a resource panel of Literature for the National Arts Council of Singapore. A number of his poems and short stories have already been translated into English, Korean, German and Mandarin.

He says about his works and himself "I will continue writing as long as I live. For me literature is a mirror, the reflection of the mankind and humanity all over the world. Poetry is love and poetry is me. I am the personification of the beauty and the love of literature."

Mohamed Latiff bin Mohamed

Berikanlah bayimu api
Jangan berikannya putihnya susu
Pucatnya nasi
Kerana jika kau berikannya nasi
Nanti mereka mencumbui tradisi
Tidak berani menghadapi realiti.

Seperti pesawat telinga
Menyampaikan berita
Dalam perjalanannya
Kepalsuan menjadi kebenaran
Kemungkaran menjadi kebaikan.

Jadi berikanlah zuriatmu bara
Usah berikan mendakap cempaka
Biar-biarlah panasnya terasa
Baru mereka mengerti ertinya bangsa.

Mohamed Latiff bin Mohamed

Give your baby fire
Don't give the whiteness of milk
The paleness of rice
Because if you give it rice
They will court tradition
Not daring to face reality.

Like the ear switch
Delivering the news
In its journey
Falsehood becoming truth
Transgression becoming ideals.

Therefore give your offsprings embers
Never allow kissing the frangipanni
Let the heat be felt
Only then they understand
The meaning of nationalism.