Mohamed Iqbal or K.T.M. Iqbal, was born in Singapore in 1940. Since his teen years, he has been writing poetry and has published five collections of poems, ITHAYA MALARGRAL (1975), ANNAI (1984), MUKAVARIGAL (1990), VAIRA KARKAL (1996) and KANAUKAL VENDUM (2000). He has received numerous distinguised literary awards for his works, including the NUS Centre for the Arts - Mont Blanc Literary Award (1996) and the Tamizhavel Literary Award from the Association of Singapore Tamil Writers (1999), and he serves as a member of various literary societies and committees.

In addition, Mr. Iqbal has contributed dozens of traditional and modern poems, literary articles, radio plays and short stories to the region's newspaper, magazines, and radio programmes.

For the S.E.A. Write Awards 2001, Mr. Iqbal was judged on a combination of his works.

(Tamil) by K.T.M. Iqbal

Thought that the sun
had swallowed you
till your rainy return
on this soil

Was distributed that
your flow into the sea
was a blemish
till you oozed as
a spring on the river bank

Assumed that you could only drop
till you grabbed the sky as steam

Sang in praise
of your creative spirit
till you exhibited the drowned
mounted on your back

I believed that
you could only was my dirt
till you seeped
as tears
to cleanse my soul

Transcreated by Elangovan