U Htin Gyi was born in 1916 in Upper Myanmar and discovered journalism when he was a freshman in college. He worked as a campus reporter for "Mandalay Daily" and the tri-weekly "New Burma", and also contributed short stories and articles to various magazines. Since he graduated from the University of Rangoon in 1939, he has been devoted to writing and publishing.

He was judged and awarded for this year's S.E.A Write Award not only on his book "Myanmar Naing-Gan Thadinza Ahnyunn" (Brief history of Newspapers published in Myanmar) which won the National Literary Award of 1992 but also for his efforts and achievement in the field of teaching the younger generation better understanding of the English language, the concepts of translation and journalism.

His prize-winning work is a detailed record of all newspapers published from 1836 to 1967 in Myanmar including milestones in the history of the country and the contemporary media's coverage.