Chokchai Bundit was born on March 21, 1966 in Nakorn Sawan Province. He attended various primary and secondary schools before completing his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from the Faculty of Social Science, Chiang Mai University. He then furthered his education with the completion of a Master's Degree in Thai Studies from the Faculty of Humanities, Ramkhamhaeng University.

Chokchai first began expressing his interest in literature and poetry while studying in his second year at the University of Chiang Mai. His first piece of published work "Sai Samphan", which was printed in one of Thailand's biggest selling weekly papers, Matichon Weekly, in 1984 and shortly after, his second short story "Yuk Samai" was printed in Siam Rath Weekly, another very widely read Thai paper.

Four of his published poetry works are Kang Sadal Dok Mai (1991), Lom On Thawan Oon (1994), Ngao Nok Nai Rom Mai (1995), Baan Gao (2001). Chokchai was the recipient of consolation prizes from PEN International Thailand-Centre for his poems "Vathana" in 1992, and "Peek Mai-Lay Tang" in 1998 respectively.

Chokchai is currently a professor of Thai language at The Merchant Marine Training Centre, Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Chokchai Bundit

...So, I sit
reading words of a poet
Wisdom of bygone age
immortal work of a mortal sage
The garden's saplings
burst out in verdant stems
Breeze-borne leaves touch
water-rings, and rock like boats
Mind branches, heart roots delve
to spread cool balmy shades
Our hearts connect -
mine and his - the lyrical scribe's
Tiring, I glanced skyward.
Changed wired, the wide world!
Electricity lines wind, cross
telephone television cords...
Cables, antennae, taut, strung
satellite dishes churn annoyance
I gaze, eye-filled, at the celled,
bound, lined, wired skyscape
Electronic spider weave webs
that grow by stages to shrink the world
A moment's unawareness
could leave me out-timed by Time
Earth's magnitude minimized
by unceasing, incessant, information flow
Time seems filled with aggression
Impressioned by information technology