Anwar Ridhwan menerima Anugerah S.E.A. Write daripada H.S.H. Prince Bhisatej Rajani

Dr. Anwar Ridhwan was born in 1949 and in his college years attended the University of Malaysia, where he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1973. Upon graduating, he was offered a post at the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (Institute of Language and Literature) Malaysia, where he began his career as editor for several magazines.

Dr. Anwar Ridhwan has participated in many international literary activities and is very active in the local literary scene. He co-founded the University of Malaysia's Writers Association and was the First Secretary to the Federation of Malaysian Writers Association (1974-1976) Head of the National Writers Association (1987-1988) and was Secretary to the National Writers Award Malaysia Selection (1987-1996). He is presently an active member of the Selangor Writers Association.

Dr. Anwar currently has 3 collections of short stories which have been translated into English, Arabic, Hungarian, English, Japanese, German, French, Russian and Thai. He also has written many award-winning novels and also writes poetry and works of literature for the stage.

His award-winning work for the S.E.A. Write Awards is Naratif Ogonshoto.